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Named for one of the first pieces of property bought by Henthorns in America.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


     Luckily, there is in this world, Divinity. Even more lucky is the fact there is more than one type of Divinity. Even more lucky is the fact that my aunt Louise is the worlds foremost expert in making the candy Divinity. You talk about being aptly named, it is heaven on earth. Right now there is a batch waiting on me at her house, a batch that didn't turn out to her standards. That means it is the second best batch of candy on the planet.
     Eva Louise (Myers) Henthorn was born 30-Aug-1939 to Milton C (6-Jul-!917, 8-Apr-1997) and Ethel Louise (Morris) Myers (25-Jan-1920, 11-Dec-1987). She married my uncle, William Roger Henthorn on 24-Oct-1959 and had three children, Bill, Dan and Becky. Today, after 51 years, they are still very much in love and now share that love with their children and grandchildren. Love is the glue that holds a couple together no matter what life throws at you. Love... and Divinity. Oh, right, Divinity candy. Thats where I was going.
     For those of you not familiar with Divinity you are definately missing out on one of lifes little treasure. You know how you feel when .... . Wait let me start over. You know what it feels like when you..... . Forget it, you just have to try it, believe me. I don't know how to describe it.
     Getting Divinity from aunt Louise is a big deal. Everyone wants some. You speak of it in hushed tones if you receive some because the others around you will descend upon you with unexpected speed and before the first piece melts in your mouth it will all be gone.
     Thats another thing. You don't so much eat Divinity as let it melt in your mouth and then eat the nuts that are left in your mouth. Exquisite.
     I don't want you to think that aunt Louise is stingy with anything, she is far from that, it's just that everyone loves Divinity and with such a large family it would be hard to supply it to all. You see, it is quite an undertaking, the making of Divinity. All measurement of ingrediants must be consistant. Room temperature and humidity must be correct. People must be made to leave the bowl of mix alone. You see, many factors. All joking aside, it is really difficult to make Divinity as it is intended to be made. It's a lot of work and the end result is a small 9x13 pan that everybody wants. It really is an act of love in the form of a candy. An act of love that manifests itself in many ways. Many ways, but this is my personal favorite. So, hands off my Divinity you guys, and Thanks Aunt Louise, I love you.

     Postscript : My (ahemmmm) cousin, ate my Divinity. See what I mean. Thanks for sparing me the anguish of having to eat it myself cuz. Next batch, I'm waiting by the oven.  Happy Holidays to you all.


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