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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blackberry Cobbler and Sassafras Tea

   There are things about each of my 12 aunts and uncles and their spouses that are what I call standout memories. Certain things that instantly make me think of them. The most wonderful thing about my family is the multitudes of such memories. We cousins were, and are, very close and as children spent many nights and days together. Being in their company allowed us to spend much time with our aunts and uncles, creating many fond memories.
     One aunt and uncle were so special that even after their own children had grown and moved on to their own lives, the younger cousins still tried to spend as much time at their house as possible.
     Betty Imogene Henthorn (27-Dec-1929,-) met a dashing young man, Dare C. Fluharty (8-May-1926, 13-Mar-1989), fell in love and married. Like all of the Henthorn women, Aunt Betty was beautiful. They made a dazzling couple and I am sure, turned many a head their way.
     Uncle Dare and Aunt betty had 4 children,Scott (14-Mar-1950, Kathy (17-Mar-1952), Steve (28-Aug-1957) and Cindy (22-Dec-1963), and welcomed all neices and nephews any time. While any time was fun, I had 2 favorites. In winter we would spend hours outside sledding and come into the house to enjoy a cup of Uncle Dare's sassafras tea, made from the shavings taken from the outside of the root. Every year when the sap would drop, he would dig up the root and take what he wanted, never killing the tree. In the heat of summer we would come in from running in the yard or fishing in the pond and Aunt Betty would be taking a blackberry cobbler from the oven. She would place a piece in a bowl and cover it with cold milk and that my friends, was heaven.
     Some Sundays during the summer we would go to their house in between churche services and play music and make homemade ice cream. Practically all the music was provided by our hosts. Aunt Betty would play piano, Uncle Dare would usually play the fiddle though he was also proficient on guitar, as were my cousins.The rest of us brought our voices to the table.
     Aunt Betty's house was always cozy and comforable. You could actually make yourself at home there. The house I remember best was the one that my uncle built. He could do anything and when he did it, it was done well. He designed his own overflow for the pond, stoned the outside of his house, and built the chimney and fireplace and practically all else.
     In 1979 Uncle Dare got me a job where he worked, PPG Industries, and I was privilaged to be able to work beside him for the next 12 years or so. This showed me a completely different side of my uncle and taught just how intellegent he was. He has made a lasting impact on my life and gave me the opportunity for a good living and a better way for my family.
     Aunt Betty and Uncle Dare were the perfect pair and complimented each other. They to had an abiding faith in something better to come and found comfort in it. Uncle Dare has been gone almost 12 years now, but Aunt Betty remains and the past few months have taught me a lesson. Time flies and cannot be regained. I intend to visit Aunt Betty so I can tell her how important she still is to me and how deeply I still love her. Tell her how many things I remember of our times together. To tell her she still matters.


Mr. Dickie said...

Keep up the good work Rodney.

Folks, don't hesitate to post comments to blog postings. That let's the blogger know he isn't talking to himself.

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