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Named for one of the first pieces of property bought by Henthorns in America.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Uncle Dale

     Last Monday, July 11, 2011 marked the 11th anniversery of the passing of my uncle, Dale Densemer Henthorn (30-Aug-1928, 11-Jul-2000). On that day, his daughter put a posting on Facebook in rememberance of her dad, asking for family members to share a memory about him. Uncle Dale was well loved by all, but especialy the children. He was always laughing and joking and "deviling" someone, usually a neice or nephew. He loved to laugh.
     He also loved to throw horseshoes and would do so for hours with anyone who wanted to throw. Accordingly he was pretty good. Evening after evening the little hollow where he lived would resound with the clanking of the shoes against the stakes. It was a pleasant sound to enjoy on a warm summer evening as dark settled in. Finaly, when it got too dark to see it would stop, but usually only then.
     Uncle Dale was in the army, serving in Korea in the early 50's. When he came home, he worked, as his father and most of his brothers did, in the oil fields and later drilling water wells. Drilling water wells was something he did even after he retired from the trucking company he worked at from the early 60's till he retired shortly before he died.
     I think of him often actually. The well I have at home was drilled by him and he crosses my mind just about everytime I get a drink. I can never see a set of horseshoes without thinking of him and when I picture him in my mind he is always smiling and laughing. This is my memory of him Beth.


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